Basic Information

Do you want to get the driving licence? Or do you have the driving licence and want to get better?

Driving school Aura is the best choise.

We provide standard driving courses, teached by experienced teachers and lectors.

We also provide condition drives for all categories of driving licence, so that you improve in driving.

Driving school Aura s.r.o. offers special VIP courses for you. If you were to busy to come to our office for the lessons, the lesson can start in the place you determine and you teacher will also adapt  to yout free time.

Our office is situated 150 metres from metro station Vysočanská (yellow line B).

Did you have your driving licence impounded?

Your sentence already finishes?

We can help you.

Come to driving school Aura s.r.o.  to get you driving licence back.

Our services:

  • driving courses for all driving licences  - A, B, BE, C, CE, D, T
  • condition drives for all categories
  • special training for motorcycles beginners
  • proffesional drivers training all categories
  • recovery of  your impounded driving licence

Driving school Aura provides:

  • individual acces to all our clients
  • experienced and flexibile teachers
  • possibility of  VIP course (the lesson can start anywhere around Prague and anytime)
  • we guarant quality of your services


Driving school Aura, Pod Pekárnami 17/300, Prague 9.

150 meters from tram, bus and metro station Vysočanská (yelow line)

Oppening hours:

  Mo : 9.00 -

  Tu : 9.00 - 17.00  

  We : 9.00 - 17.00
  Th :
9.00 - 17.00
  Fr :
- 15.00

Bank account number: 2300369116/2010 FIO Banka a.s.


Phone no: 776 027 306




mapka garaze

Price list

Sk. Price with Tax
A2 ( motorcycle till 25 kW)  8.775 CZK  18 yrs
A    ( all motorcycles) 10.125CZK  24 yrs
B (car) 13.999 CZK  18 yrs 
B VIP  17.799 CZK  18 yrs 
BE (car with trailer over 750 kg) 7.423 CZK  18 yrs
A2+B  20.248 CZK  18 yrs
A+B 20.248 CZK  24 yrs
T (tractor) 8.775 CZK  17 yrs
C (truck)  19.575 CZK  21 yrs
CE (truck with trailer) 9.448 CZK  21 yrs
recovery of your impounded driving licence 4.000 CZK per one category
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